Digital Type Portable Tablet Hardness Tester


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This is a unique hand held hardness tester which can be used near the Tablet punching machine. The equipment has a rotating knob at the rear end which you can turn after placing the tablet to attain accurate reading of the hardness of the tablet. Unit is made to USP standards

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Salient Features:
Very compact, simple & Easy to operate.
Cost Effective
Selectable units of measurement-kilopond (kp), Newton (N), pounds (lb or Lbf) and strong cobb (sc)
Microprocessor based reading of measurement..
Easy to calibrate.
Campbell electronics portable digital hardness tester model HT-30/50 is designed to replace the non-digital, troublesome and expensive handheld hardness tester in the market. HT-30/50 allows measuring the hardness either in Kilopond, Newton, Strong Cobb or in Pounds..
Placing the sample on platform and rotating the knob on lead screw manually, pressure will be applied. The applied pressure is monitored electronically by microcontroller and the value is recognized, registered and displayed at the moment of breakage of the sample. The hardness value will be displayed on four digit LED display, same can be viewed in alternative unit (Kp/N/Lb/Sc) by simply pressing one soft membrane key on control panel. Calibration can be carried out at location and requires only few minutes. Using the optional calibration kit (Certified 5kg weight and its holder) user can easily calibrate the instrument when ever required. Optional serial printer port / PC connectivity is also available.
Technical Specification
Hardness Range HT-50 5 N to 500 N
HT-30 3 N to 300 N
Accuracy 0.1 N
Resolution 0.1 N/0.01 Kp
Tablet size HT-30 Up to 25 mm
HT-50 Up to 50 mm
Display 4 Digit LED display, Indicator for selecting units
Dimension 285X110X110 mm approx
Power AC adaptor 9V DC/500 mA/230V AC/50Hz/1P
Batteries 9V DC
Other models Available HT-30P/HT-50P with serial printer port / PC connectivity.
IQ/OQ Documents available