Monsanto Type Hardness Tester Small Nozzle


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Hardness Tester Model  is designed to use in QC / QA / R & D / Tableting / Production, in-process etc. for taking quick readings of Hardness Of Tablets. It measures Hardness in Kg per sq. cm.



Operating Instructions
Hold the Tablet between the jaw and nozzle in edgewise position.
Adjust the Scale (by sliding), so that the zero on the Scale coincides with the pointer.
Turn the screw knob slowly till the tablet breakes. The pressure indicated on the dial is in Kilogram per sq. cm.
Never keep the spring under Tension, when not in use.
It is made of Metal (Mild steel Body) parts heavily Nickel plated and has a scale of 0-20 kg. Per sq. cm. with each division.
Available in 19 mm slot (3-19 mm)


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